Urban Stone Co.

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Stone Veneer Items for Contemporary Spaces

Add texture to any residential or commercial space using beautifully designed stone pieces from Urban Stone Co. in Dallas, TX. We produce decorative stone veneer items suitable for indoor and outdoor construction projects. Contact one of our specialists today to determine which stone would best fit your design preferences.

Types of Stones

Chopped Stone Veneer

Ledgestone Veneer


Superior Veneer Stones and Surface Stones

Whether for fireplaces or kitchen backsplashes, our wide range of stone pieces can be used to give your property a different and unique look. Contact us today to find out why our customers make us their number one source for veneer or surface stones.

Quality Products Guaranteed

To make sure you receive only the highest quality stone veneer products, we thoroughly check and make sure our products adhere to our strict standards. Once these pass our quality control process, we arrange them in their proper packaging and storage for selling.